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Hi! 👋

I'm Rob Hudson, a passionate backend developer with a love for all things Python, Django, and lately Rust. This website is a space for me to share my journey in the world of code, document my learnings, and hopefully inspire others who share the same passion.

What you'll find here:

Deep dives into backend web development
Dive into detailed breakdowns of specific topics, exploring the intricacies of Python, Django, and other relevant frameworks. Expect to find code examples, explanations of complex concepts, and practical tips & tricks.
Lessons learned, the hard way
No journey is smooth sailing, and software development is no exception. I'll share my experiences, both successes and challenges, offering insights and learnings that others can (hopefully) benefit from.
Personal projects and experiments
Get a glimpse into my personal projects, experiments, and side hustles. See how I apply my knowledge in real-world scenarios and learn from my approaches.
Thoughts and musings on the industry
From emerging trends to the future of backend development, I'll share my thoughts and opinions on the industry, sparking discussion and offering different perspectives.